For General Convertible Leave setup for all Employees: 

Go to Company Profile,


Company Setup window will show, go to Daily Time Recording tab.

Under DTR tab, go to Leave Setup, then Leave Details. Select which Leave tab you want to setup Cash Convertible.

In Leave Conversion, tick Cash Convertible then input the Maximum Taxable or Non-Taxable Convertible Leaves  value.


For Convertible Leave setup per Employee: 


Under View, click Employee Files then Employee Leaves.

Employee Leaves Module will show, select the Employee you want to setup Convertible Leave, then click Manage Employee Leaves.

In Manage Leaves window, click Edit then tick Cash Convertible.

System will enable Max Convertible and Max Non-Tax Convertible. 

Input the Maximum Taxable of Non-Taxable Convertible Leaves value.

Once done, click Save.


Go to Transaction, select the Employee.

Under Transaction Details tab, click Leave Conversion Details then input the Leave Converted value.

System will automatically compute the Leave Converted Amount.