How to Perform System Update in Server



STEP 1: Browse to the folder where you have saved the System Updater and double-click the 

 Setup file (e.g. Setup_2021.1.0.2_Recompiled 5.exe). 


Note: If you don’t have the Updater yet for the latest version, please request from us.



QNE Setup will prompt > Click OK.


Click Next.

Choose I accept the agreement > Click Next.




By default, the update will be installed in the following folder. If your QNE system has 

been installed in a different folder, click the Browse button and select the folder. 


Click Next.



Tick QNE Business Solutions only and click Next.



Click Next.





Click Next.



Click Install.



Once completed > Click Finish.


STEP 2: Database Upgrade (one database at a time)


Before proceeding with the Database upgrade:


  1. All Users must be logged out of QNE system.
  2. Check System Build and it must be the same as your updater .exe file (e.g. 2021.1.0.2)


Log in to the database.

Database Upgrade will prompt, Click Backup Now (recommended).

If your database(s) is hosted on QNE Cloud, skip the backup and click Upgrade.


In the Database Backup Wizard, click Next


Type the folder path or browse to the folder where you want to save the backup, click 



Once database backup is done, proceed with the Upgrade.

Once database upgrade is finished, it will proceed with logging you in to the database.


Database version must be the same with Build version.



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link