Multiple Payments lets the user have the flexibility to collect receivables from customers using more than one payment method.

Using the Navigation Panel, go to the Customer Module and select Receive Payment.

On the Receive Payment transaction window, select a customer record on the customer field.

Once done, it will list down all unpaid or unsettled invoices of the customers.

If the customer will pay unsettled invoices, click the Multiple Payments tab and check the “Use Multiple Payment” option. Then click the new record.

In the Receive Multi-Payment, you can select where you will deposit the customer payments, receive a payment via cash or by using a credit card.

Once selected a different depositing account, input a corresponding amount.

All Deposit To accounts will show in the receive payment windows and you can use the total unmatched amount for customer payments.

Input the corresponding whole amount of the multiple payments in the above customer details and apply it to an unpaid invoice. Then save the transaction.

To check if the created transaction generated a correct input. Click the G.L Journal to see the automatic created journal voucher.

As shown, the amounts have been debited to a different account.