How To Fix Connection To Database Failed Error

Modified on Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 9:01 PM

Problem Scenario:


Upon opening your QnE, the system may prompt this error message:


Solution 1 (Server or Stand-Alone)


Make sure that SQL service is running (QNEBSS instance). To check, go to Start > SQL Configuration Manager. Oftentimes, it is not searchable in start menu. Type the command sqlservermanager10.msc (for SQL 2008) or sqlservermanager11.msc (for SQL 2012)

Under SQL Services, QNEBSS instance must be running. If it is stopped, click the service


You may right-click, then click Start


Or just click the green button above the menus

Solution 2 (Server or Stand-Alone)

Go to Start > Services

Check the status of QNEBSS instance. If it is not running, click Start

After doing so, status must now be “Running”

Solution 3 (Server or Stand-Alone)

If you have changed the computer name, you may return it back or modify the Database Server. System does not automatically update the Database Server name once you change your computer name because the system is not pre-installed by Windows (meaning, it does not directly affect computer changes like changing of computer name)

Reselect server name to your new computer name. Format is <newcomputername>\QNEBSS

Once done successfully, click Save then log in again. System should now procced to QnE Window.


Solution 4 (If encountered in Workstation)

Check the Database Server of the database you are opening. If it is not updated to the current server’s path, modify it.

Select the path that is the same as of the server’s. Once done, click Save then open the database.

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