Problem Scenario:


During database backup, user may encounter below error message


Physical file of the database becomes too large due to Audit Trail, which contributes up to 80% of the database file size. To resolve this kind of issue, Audit Trail may be dropped. This can result to reduced database size and enhance the system’s performance.

Before proceeding, make sure to duplicate the database (just copy and paste the .FDB file). This is one alternative to do backup but if a scheduled backup is being set, it will not execute anymore.

To delete the Audit Trail, go to File > Audit Trails


Upon window opening, click F9


Key in: qne1080

Notice that there is now a ‘Delete’ button

If the user has preferred range of data to delete only, user may set the following criteria.

Advisable: tick Audit Trail Date and set ‘To’ field to present Date.


Finally click Delete


After doing the above procedure, user may now backup the database, successfully. To totally reduce the database size and improve the system’s performance, restore the created backup file then it will be the one to be used as the working database of all users.