How To Generate BIR 1604-E Form

BIR 1604-E Form or also known as Annual Information Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded)/ Income Payments Exempt from Withholding Tax captures all the Expanded WTax to be remitted.


In the System, Remittance of EWT must be created first before able to generate BIR 1604-E Form. Go to WTax > Remittance of EWT. It will show all the Expanded WTax captured by the system. Click Save.

To show the form under Remittance of EWT, click the Preview button.

You may also generate the form by going to Reports > W/Tax > BIR 1604-E Form.

Input the Taxable Year to be generated and click Preview.

To generate the BIR 1604-E DAT File, go to WTax > Generate BIR 1604E DAT File > click the button > Save.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link