How to Generate BIR 2307 Form



BIR Form 2307 or Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source is a certificate that is accomplished and issued to recipients of income subject to expanded withholding tax paid by a Payor/Withholding Agent. Issuance of BIR 2307 form is an obligation of the Payor/Withholding Agent to the Payee.



1. Go to View > Reports > W/Tax > BIR 2307 Form.

2. Select the period and the Supplier(s) you want to generate the BIR 2307 Form(s) for and click on ‘Preview.’

3. To generate a Re-print Copy of the BIR Form 2307, from the Preview drop-down list, select the format ‘ <SR>02 - BIR Form 2307 Re-print Copy.’


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