How to generate Stock Item Listing Report via Inquiry, Preview and Print

In cases that user needs to have a reference or a copy of all Stock List since s/he may not be familiar yet with the Stocks or to the new Stock Codes implemented, user can generate it in the system and have it printed so s/he can have a hard copy.




1. To generate Stock Items Listing, Go View Tab > Reports



2. Go to Stock Reports > Master Reports > Stock Items Listing

3. Fill-in the Filter Options: (Optional)


  • Stock From & To – if there is a specific Items only
  • Stock Category From & To – if there is a certain group of Category only
  • Stock Group From & To – if there is specific Group of items only
  • Stock Class From & To – if there is a certain Class Type of item only
  • Include Inactive Stocks – All stocks will be generated including those set as inactive already
  • Item Types – if Stock/Inventoriable Items or Service Items or both
  • Order By – the report will be sorted by the selected order



a. Stock Items Listing via Inquiry


In Stock Items Listing Screen, Go to Home Tab > Click Inquiry

Upon inquiry, system will show you the details and current balance for the specific Stock Items.


b. Preview Stock Items Listing 


Go to Home Tab > Click Preview or Preview arrow down to list down all existing formats




 Upon Preview, you may export the file using different file formats.


c. Print Stock Items listing


Go to Home Tab > Click Print or Print arrow down to choose different formats




            Upon Print, Printer properties will prompt, select printer > Click Print


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link