How to resolve Validation Error 'The Date is not a valid posting period



There are instances that the user encounter Validation Error upon saving transactions. This is because Valid Posting Period has been set in the system. This is use to lock or restrict the users from adding, editing or deleting any transactions for a certain period (can be monthly, quarterly or yearly). This may be use for closing monthly books.





Solution #1: (Change Valid Posting Period)


 In Menu Ribbon > Maintenance Tab > Valid Posting Periods




Change the Valid Date From and To (covered date to allow user to save the transaction)



Once done, Click Save or Save and Close.


Solution #2: (disable valid posting period)


Untick ‘Active’ to disable the Posting Period Date.



Once done, Click Save or Save and close





For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link