How to maintain Budget


In QNE, there is a feature where you can set monthly budget for all Accounts and have a report to generate in comparative format to view the Actual Amount versus the set Budgeted Amount and its Variance. 


Setting Monthly Sales Target per Revenue Account or setting budget per Expense Account are some of the cases that Budget Maintenance may be used.



1. To set up the budget, go to Navigation > General Ledger, then click Monthly Budget.

2. Look for the accounts that are subject for budget monitoring. Input the budgeted amount on the corresponding month. Once done, click Save.


Go to Reports > GL Reports > Reports > Statement of Comprehensive Income > Statement of Comprehensive Income with Budget, indicate the filtering options then click Preview.


System would not restrict the user to save the transaction if the actual amount exceeded the set budget. Budget Setting is for Report Analysis purpose only.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link