How to edit Account Code Format for GL Account, Customer and Supplier


Upon Database creation, there is already a predefined format for GL Account Code, Customer Code, and Supplier Code. However, these default set codes can be amended based on user preference to align it with company’s existing code format.



1. To change the Code format, go to Maintenance > System Options:

1.1. For GL Account Code, go to General Tab > Account Code Format

The default format set is AAA-AAAA where Letter A means Alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) character in the position.

1.2. For Customer Code, go to Customers Tab > Customer Code Format

  1. For Supplier Code, go to Suppliers Tab > Supplier Code Format



For both Customer and Supplier Codes, the default format is set to AAA-B000 where AAA represents the first 3 digit of the GL Account Code based on associated Control Account, B means getting the first letter of the Company Name and 000 as the system auto generated Running Number.




  • GL, Customer and Supplier Codes should not exceed 20 characters
  • Leaving the field empty or blank will make the Account/Customer/Supplier Code Format as a free text format




Given that the following Codes has been changed.


1. GL Account Code




2. Customer Code




3. Supplier Code




For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link