How to Set-up Supplier Opening Balance


Opening Balance for Accounts Receivable related to Suppliers are recorded in the system using the following Past Transaction Forms under Supplier Module.

  • Past Bills
  • Past Supplier Debit Notes
  • Past Supplier Credit Notes
  • Past Pay Bills


There are two options to settle the AP Balance, either the outstanding amount to be inputted will be the lumpsum amount per Supplier or it can be as detailed as per Document Code.


Accounts Payable Account under GL Opening Balance will reflect an amount based on this formula: (Total Past Bills Amount + Total Past Supplier Debit Notes Amount) – (Past Supplier Credit Notes Amount + Past Pay Bills Amount).


1.1. To open the Past Transactions, go to SUPPLIER.

1.1.1. Past Bills and Past Supplier Debit Notes are used to record all outstanding/unpaid Bills/ Supplier Debit Notes as of the cut-off date.


Past Bills

Past Supplier Debit Notes

1.1.2. Past Supplier Credit Notes and Past Pay Bills are used to record the AP deduction, overpayments and/or Advance Payment to Supplier as of the cut-off date.


Past Supplier Credit Notes

Past Pay Bills


  1. Even the Past transactions have VAT Details, only Account Payable Amount will be updated in the GL Opening Balance.
  2. If the outstanding transactions has Withholding Tax, Amount to be encoded in the system should be Net of WTAX already.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link