How to Set Up and Use ‘Post As Accrued AP’

The system is capable to post Accrued AP and Accrued Purchases upon recording Goods Received Notes. This module is the Post As Accrued AP and must be enabled in Module Manager.


Note: ‘Post as Accrued AP’ is an add-on module


GL Accounts for holding the ‘Accrued Accounts Payable’ and the ‘Accrued Purchases’ must be maintained.


Go to Maintenance > Default Interface Accounts and set up the Accrued Accounts Payable Account.

 Next, set up the Stock Account Preset for the Accrued Purchases Account.

The Post As Accrued function may now be used in Goods Received Notes by ticking the ‘Post as Accrued AP’ checkbox.

Once the Goods Received Note is transferred to Purchase Invoice, the entries will be automatically reversed.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link