How to Contact QNE Chat Support in Optimum


Optimum users may now make support requests through online chat via the Optimum desktop application for easier access to the QNE Chat Support Channel. This will automatically send us the information below from the database that the user is currently logged in which are initially needed by the QNE Chat Support Agent in providing assistance.


Company Name - The company name set in Company Profile

System Version - The current Optimum system version of the user

Product Key - The product key on the Company Registration

Name - Full Name of the user in the User Maintenance


Note: This is only available in Optimum version 2021.1.0.4 and higher




     1. Go to File > Help > Message Us

     2. This will open your browser and direct you to the webpage below. Click on ‘Inbox’ and send us a chat message.




For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link