How to setup Projects and Sub-Projects?

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How to setup Projects and Sub-Projects?


The Project Module is an Add-On Module that is use mainly to categorize your transactions and able to generate Financial Reports for each category. This categorization may pertain as your Project, Branch, Location, Department and the likes. 




a. Create Project

1. To create a new Project, go to Maintenance Tab > Projects.

2. Go to Home tab > New.


3. Accomplish the fields for your Project.

  • Project Code will be the unique identifier code of your Project
  • Active tick box is to define if the created Project will be visible in the Project selection in transaction forms
  • Is Sub Project tick box will automatically be ticked if the user is creating a sub-project
  • Description field is for a short description for the Project
  • Start Date, End Date, Projected End Date, Contract Sum fields can be filled out if the Project has a contract term


4. Once done, click Save and Close.

b. Create Sub-Project

1. On the Project List View, highlight the Main Project and click New in the ribbon above.

2. The Sub Project field and Is Sub Project tick box is automatically filled out by the system. Accomplish the Sub Project information then click Save.

3. The Main Project now has a Sub Project that the user can see when they click the expand arrow button.


1. Go to Supplier > Bills. Fill in all the details need. Then go to Supplier Tab, select the Project. The user will see all Sub-Projects in the database.

2. Go to > Reports > Project Reports > Project Statement of Comprehensive Income > Project Statement of Comprehensive Income 3 Columns. Setup the filter including the specific Project.

3. Click Inquiry in the ribbon above. Result will be displayed.

4. To see the actual report to be printed, click Preview in the ribbon above.


Note: Only Sub-Projects can be selected in transaction while both Main and Sub Projects can be used in filtering when generating Project Related Reports.



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link

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