How to Format the ‘Amount in Words’

Modified on Fri, Aug 19, 2022 at 1:03 AM

By default, the Amount in Words in the system are all in uppercase and prefixed according to the assigned currency. However, the presentation can still be changed by customizing the Print Form(s) using the built-in Report Designer. 


In this article, our goal is to change the presentation of the Amount in Words of the Due Amount Php25,760.28 in Customer Invoice.


Default output format:



Modified output format:

Twenty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty AND 28/100 Pesos only


1. On the Customer Invoice, select the Task tab, then click on the Design button.

2. Select the Print Format to be modified (e.g. Invoice Voucher With Journal Details) then click on the Amend button.

3. Type the preferred Display Name (e.g. Invoice Voucher With Journal Details - 2) then click on the Create button.

4. Select the Due Amount field, and click on the Data icon under the Properties pane.

a) Clear the check box for AllCaps.

b) Change the CentsText from Cents to Peso or Pesos

5. Click the small right arrow (>) to expand the Data Bindings.

6. Expand the CentsText and Currency and change the Binding to None.

7. Click Save then click on the Preview tab to view the changes. Close the Report Designer if the results are correct.

8. Click Refresh then Close the Report Designer.

9. Go back to the Customer Invoice, click on the small arrow down on the Preview button, then select Refresh to add the newly created Print Form.

10. Click again on the small arrow down on the Preview button then select Invoice Voucher With Journal Details - 2 to preview using the new format.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link

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