How to Create Transaction with Negative Amount

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How to Create Transaction with Negative Amount


The process of entering negative amounts in transactions serves to ensure the accurate

representation of financial activities and the maintenance of precise records. QNE AI Cloud

Accounting offers the flexibility to facilitate transactions involving rebates, adjustments,

discounts, write-offs, return allowances, chargebacks, and various other scenarios where

deductions are necessary within transaction forms.


The user needs to reflect the deducted discount for a certain item within the payment to

the supplier.


1. In Navigation pane, go to General Ledger > Payment Vouchers

2. In Payment Voucher list view, click ‘Add’

3. Fill-out the necessary information

● Pay To

● Date

● Payment By

● Description

4. In Details tab, select the GL Account and enter the corresponding Amount

5. Negative amount will be deducted to the transaction amount

For Example:

Subtotal: 19,000.00 (20,000.00 - 1,000.00)

Taxable: 16,964.28 (17,857.14 - 892.86)

Tax: 2,035.72 (2,142.86 - 107.14)

Net Total: 19,000.00

6. Once done, click ‘Save’

Notes: Users are able to enter a negative amount, but the system will not allow you to save the transaction with a 

negative net total to prevent unnecessary discrepancies in your financial reports.


In the Account Journal, the account with a negative amount will be credited.

And will be reflect reflected on the financial reports.

For any further concerns on this matter, please contact support or submit a ticket through this link:

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