Excel Importation

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Go to Payroll Menu Bar > Tools then click Import Data button.

A window will appear.

On the Typechoose what data you will import, Maintenance, Employees or Employee Files.

On the Table, choose the table where you will import the data. The choices differ depending on the Type selected.

Click Open File and select the Microsoft Excel file to be used. You can also type-in or paste the path of the file in the Excel File.

Click Import button and wait for a message whether the importation succeeded or failed.



  1. Templates for the Excel files should be used to avoid errors in the importation. The excel file should only contain one sheet name Sheet1.
  2. Avoid using excel template files to wrong Type/Table. For example, avoid using Employees excel template file for Type: Maintenance, Table: Allowance. Doing this will result to errors and unwanted results.
  3. Three (3) excel file types can be used for importation. XLSX, CSV, and XLS files. Template files are created as XLS. Using XLS file is highly recommended as it works faster and is more compatible compared to the other two.
  4. Using XLS and XLSX files might need a third-party application, (Intermittent error appears when using these files. Please report immediately if an error occurs), while CSV doesn’t. It is recommended that the excel files be closed before starting the importation.
  5. In the excel file, avoid blank records especially in Employees template file. There are required fields for Employees that would result to a failed importation if left blank.

        The required fields for Employees are:

  • Employee Code
  • Biometric Code
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Employment Status
  • Rank Name
  • Date Hired
  • Birthday
  • Civil Status
  • Department Code
  • Job Position
  • Tax Exemption Code
  • Rate Type
  • Pay Type
  • Hours Per Day

6. Importation must be done in the right sequence especially on a starting database. Maintenance first, then Employees (as Employees uses the Maintenance data such as Department, Job Position etc.)

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