Undertime by default is computed by the System in minutes. Undertime Range can be used in order to setup the minutes in range, to have its equivalent time period such as accumulation of 30 minutes can have an equivalent of 60 minutes computation or as company’s own discretion.


Under Maintenance, click Undertime Range, where user can set up the company’s own policy for undertime deduction.

Undertime Range window will show, click New then system will automatically enable Details tab.



Undertime Range Code – short term or unique code for each undertime range type created in the system 

Range From/To – field where to define the start and end of a specific undertime range in minutes 

Undertime Equivalent – field where to define how many undertime, in minutes, should a particular employee will be deducted in payroll process


Once done, you can see all created Undertime Range under List tab.

As stated in the sample Undertime Range,

If you have 30 – 60 mins Undertime, you will have total Undertime Equivalent of 60 mins.