How to Create and Edit Employee

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How to Create and Edit Employee


Employee Information is the backbone of QNE Payroll System. It is the first setup to consider before proceeding with the other Master files Maintenance.



Employee that is not currently added in the Payroll System e.g., New Employee must be created under Employee Maintenance. Also, in cases that there is a change in the existing employee details, amendment should take place using the same form.



1. How to Create Employee


Under View Tab > Employees 

Highlight the Employee > Click ‘New’ 


Fill-in the required fields: 


Some Fields are required and will be the basis of the system for the Payroll Computation.


Main Details:

  1. Employee Code (Required)
  2. Biometric Code
  3. Minimum Wage  (Required)
  4. Last Name (Required)
  5. First Name (Required)
  6. Middle Name
  7. Status (Required)
  8. Rank (Required)
  9. Date Hired (Required)
  10. Birthday (Required)
  11. Gender
  12. Civil Status (Required)
  13. Email Address
  14. Contact Number

Personal Details:

  1. Current Address
  2. Provincial Address
  3. City
  4. Province
  5. Zip code
  6. Citizenship
  7. Religion
  8. Language
  9. Citizenship
  10. Height
  11. Weight

Payroll Details:

  1. Department (Required)
  2. Job Position (Required)
  3. Cost Centre
  4. Rate Type (Required)
  5. Frequency (Required)
  6. Region
  7. Locale
  8. Work Place
  9. Bank
  10. Bank Account No.
  11. GSIS No.
  12. SSS No.
  13. TIN No.
  14. HDMF No.
  15. Phil Health No.
  16. Basic Rate (Required)
  17. Hours Per Day (Required)

18. Checkbox ✔ Include SSS, WTax, HDMF & PHIC, will allow the system to compute Governement Contribution upon Payroll.


  1. Holiday Set-up 
  2. Check box ✔ Include Loans, Allowance & De Minimis Benefits to allow system to Include the ff in Payroll Computations

Once done, click ‘Save’


  1. Hourly Rate and Daily Rate is automatically computed
  2. Other fields that requires Maintenance – refer to other KBs for further instruction


Formula: Basic Rate x 12 (Months per Year) / EMR = Daily Rate / Hours Per Day = Hourly Rate

2. How to Edit Employee Details

In Employee Maintenance, Choose Employee then click ‘Edit’.

Apply necessary amendments. Once done, click ‘Save’

Note: Employee Last, First and Middle Name are not editable once they have existing transactions.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link

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