How to Transact Item with Serial Number

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Serial Number is a unique identifier assigned to an item sequentially or incrementally.

To set a serial number to an item, go to the Stock Module then Stock Items using the Navigation Panel.

Now, create an item which should have a serial no. Fill up all the necessary information of the item such as the Stock Code, Stock Name, Stock Group, Stock Class, Stock Category, Preset Code, etc. 

Then go to the Serial No. Tab and check the Use Serial No. Once checked, Serial No Prefix and Serial No Suffix field will be enabled.

You may input a preferred default prefix code and suffix code to a serialized item.

Once set-up, you can now transact the item with serial function activated.

Note: Serial Function only works on the transactions in which requires stock movement. 


Go to Purchase Module and purchase the item using the Cash Purchase.

When you try to transact the item with serial no enabled, it will open up a window form where in you need to identify the serial numbers that will be recorded inside the system.

In the Generate Tab, it will show you the default Serial No. Prefix and Serial No. Suffix.

Serial No. From field - input the starting point of the serialization

Serial No. Digit field – how many place values does serial will start to generate

Serial No. Qty field – how many serial numbers to be generated

Once done, click add.

Yellow – Serial No Prefix

Green – Serial No Suffix

Blue – Generated Serial Nos.

You can also add manually a serial no by going to the Manual tab and input the serial no.

It will also show on the list of all serial numbers that has been recorded in the system’s database.

The Stock Type determines that this transaction is a stock in adjustment to the inventory balance.

When done, click ok.

The transaction will now have a red watermark that there is a serialized item that has been used inside the document number.

The quantity of the serial number will affect as well the quantity of the transaction as shown below.

When you try to sell the item with serials, another Serial form will appear.

In the Available tab, you can see all the serials available for selling.

Just click add and it will add to the Serial No. list

Please do note what stock type is being presented in the form.

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