How to Use Discount Item

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In a standard trading process, there are most cases that rebates are being done whether enterprises or retail business type. It is a common practice of having a markdown from the selling price to meet sales targets, attract more customers, gain profit and so much more.

One feature of QNE Optimum is let you have discounts in so many ways. Discounts can be used to reduce the amount to paid by the customer or the payable we owe to our suppliers.

Discount items can help you to record these markdowns prices.

To set it up, go to Stock Module and select Discount Items on the transaction list.

In the Discount Item maintenance form, create a discount that you would like to use.


Created discount items will be joining the list of all stock items but does not have any stock balance effect.


Provide a Discount Code and a Discount Name.

You can also provide a default discounted sales and purchase discount.

Note: Default Values can be changed during transactions.

Once done, go to one of the Sales Transaction form or Purchase Transaction form.

 Transact using the created Discount Items.

Discount Items are red in text indicating that the discount is currently in effect on the transaction. This discount item affects the particular details above it.

Let’s say: 

AMDXP/1800 – 10,000
ASUS-EX  - 12,000
MAXELL – 10.20

Total Amount: 22,010.20
Less: 200.00

Due Amount: 21, 810.20

You can change places where would you like to reflect the discount item(s) by using the Move Up and Move Down button.

Note: You can use also the Item Discount column if you would like to reflect markdown per item only. It can work well alongside with the Discount Item. You can also change the default discount value.

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