Problem Scenario:

Upon generating Payslip, Payroll Summary or Payroll Register, user may encounter the error below






In QnE Payroll, there is a ruling that there should only be one ACTIVE loan category per loan type. Should there be multiple loans of the same category, user should maintain it using ‘Other Loans’ (Loan Codes 1 – 10).


To check, go to View > Employee Files > Employee Loans

Notice that there are two ACTIVE loans of the same category in the same loan type.

To resolve, set one loan to Inactive. This is to cut the current setup for the employee and payments in the next transactions will not be reflected anymore.




After doing so, recreate that loan using ‘Others’. User may change one of the Loan Codes’ name for its specific purpose

Try to regenerate Payslip, Payroll Summary or Payroll Register again and the error must now be resolved.