How to Allow User(s) to Change and/or Select Other Document Running Number

In Transaction Form, system will not allow non-administrator user accounts to change and/or select other document running number format.



Go to Ribbon Menu > Maintenance Tab > Users









In User Maintenance listing, Double Click the User to Modify.





Choose the linked Role and Double Click to Modify 







System will redirect you to Security System Role for modification.


Note: Permissions are applied to the System Role(s) and thus all other System Users that are also linked to the modified System Role will be given the same permissions.



1. Go to Permissions Tab > Transactions > Change Doc Number 


            Tick to allow user to change default doc number per transaction form type.








2. Go to Permissions Tab > Transactions > Select Doc Number 


            Tick to allow user to select other existing running number formats per transaction form type.





Once done, Click Save or Save and Closed.




Alert message will prompt, click ‘NO’ to avoid override by View Unit and Selling Price.



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link