How to create new Database.



Open QNE Business Solutions > Go to Companies Wizard




 In Companies Wizard > Click Create 



Choose Database Template:


  • Sample Database - has existing sample transactions



  • Working Database (Template: General Business) – Empty Database with PH default Chart of Accounts 
  • Working Database (Template: Blank Template) - Empty Database and Chart of Accounts




Click Next



Fill in the Connection Info:


  • Company Name 
  • Server name - Should be ServerComputerName\QNEBSS (e.g., SUPPORT04\QNEBSS)
  • Database Name
  • Authentication - Must be System Authentication 


Once done, Click Validate then Next 



Set the Currency, Fiscal Year and Cut Off date > Click Next



Click Next



Once database is created successfully > Click Finish



Double click your created Database





On the QNE Login Screen the default account for newly created database is:


Username: ADMIN

Password:  None/Blank



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link