When using Report Designer to customize forms or reports, putting a repeating information at the bottom of the page can be designed. Some of this will be Page Numbers, disclaimers, or registrations on which can be repetitively printed per page.


In case printouts will be required to have a footer per page, it is recommended to have Page Footer Band.


Sample Output in Payment Voucher – half page:

To use Page Footer, go to Report Designer of the Format:

1. Go to Task tab > Design to choose a format.

2. Select Format to Amend.

2.1 Click Create.

3. In Report Designer, Right Click the part of the margin to insert Page Footer Band.

4. Once inserted, add the object.

4.1 Insert Label for “This is a computer-generated document.”.

How to Insert Label:

4.2 Set-up the printing behavior of the Band.

Make sure that the Print On will be set as All Pages to make it printed per page of the form.


Final Output:


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