How to Generate RELIEF for Sales and Purchases

VAT Detail Listing is used to generate the RELIEF for Sales and Purchases. This can also show the summary of all transactions that used VAT Codes.


1. Generate VAT Detail Listing


1.1 Go to Reports > VAT Reports > VAT Detail




1.2 Set the Dates to be filtered (and other filter options) and click ‘Inquiry.’


Inquiry results are generated under the Inquiry Tab. It shows the transactions and VAT Codes used by Category, VAT Type, and VAT Codes.

1.3 Click the ‘Preview Drop-down Arrow Button’ and click VAT Detail Listing.




2. Generate Reconciliation of Listing for Enforcement (Sales / Purchases)


2.1 Preview of Reconciliation of Listing for Enforcement - Sales Transaction


2.2 Preview of Reconciliation of Listing for Enforcement - Purchase Transaction


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