How to Activate Withholding VAT

Withholding VAT is used when recording Sales to Government. 


Activation of Withholding VAT Code(s) is also done in Withholding Tax Code Maintenance.


1. Go to WTax > W/Tax Codes.

2. On the list, double click the WVat Code to be used (e.g. WV010).

3. Tick the Is Active and the Is Withholding VAT checkboxes. Select the Creditable Account to be used as the posting account for the Withholding VAT. Click Save.

Note: WVat can only be used in Customer and Sales Transactions.



To use the WVat Code(s), the WVat Column(s) must be pulled out from the Column Chooser.


Sample using Invoice Entries:


1. Right-click the Detail Column Header and click Column Chooser.

2. Look for and double-click WVat and WVat Code and they will be added in the Column Header.

Activated WVat Code(s) can now be chosen on the column.


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link