How to Setup QLS Connection in Workstations using Server’s IP Address



One way to setup QLS connection to workstations is to input the Server’s IP to QLS Connection window when setting up database connections thru Database Wizard. An example is using Append - linking of database from server to workstations or Modify - editing of existing database properties such as company name and database name.





 Step 1: Click modify to edit the connection string of the database

Step 2: In QLS Server field, change localhost to Server’s IP Address

  • There are two ways on how to check for server’s IP 

a. Open the QLS Application in the Server and check the Server IP 

b. Open Command Prompt and Type IPCONFIG and check for IPV4 IP Address

Step 3: Key in the Server’s IP Address to QLS Server field, click Test Connection then click Save


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link