Having a “Favorites” Menu is one way for the user to easily access the needed reports to be generated in the system without the need to head out in the Reports Menu. Combining all day-to-day reports and putting it into a more accessible place such as Navigation Pane.



1. In the Tool Bar, go to Reports Menu and open the Report you frequently generate

e.g. GL Reports> Journals> Invoice Journals

2. On the upper left portion, click “Add/Remove in Favorites”, system will then prompt which will allows you to provide a new name for the report or just retain as it is then tick OK.

3. Wait for the system to load the selected report. On the Navigation Pane, you’ll notice that “Favorites” option and chosen report has been auto added.  

4. Repeat the same process to add more reports. 

In case you wanted to remove the report from the list, just reselect the report from “Favorites” then click “Add/Remove in the Favorites”


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link