How to Undo the Transfer of a Particular Document


Once a document (e.g. Quotation) has already been transferred, to undo the transfer, you will have to cancel the document where it has been transferred to (e.g. Sales Order).


The sample Quotation below has already been fully transferred. To quickly identify where it was transferred to, click on the Others tab and the Document# is shown in the Transfer To field.





Go find and open that Document#. Go to Edit Ribbon tab > Mark As and click on Cancelled.





The document will have a tag (Cancelled) and some fonts will go red. Go to the Home Ribbon tab and save the document.




Go back to the source document (the Quotation) and click the Refresh button. The Transferred tag will be removed and the document is now allowed to be transferred to another document. 



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link