How to Use the Customer Knock Off Form


‘Customer Knock Off’ is a form that can be used to knock off the Receipts or Customer Credit Notes with Invoices or Customer Debit Notes. It displays all floating/outstanding transactions or documents for a particular debtor.



An outstanding Receipt already has a corresponding Invoice. Match these two transactions via Customer Knock Off.




1. A particular customer has an advance payment made from the previous month.


2. The corresponding Invoice is issued to the customer in the current month.

3. Navigate to Customer > Customer Knock Off and select the particular customer. Tick the checkbox for ‘Show Outstanding Only.’


4. The first (top) table shows all outstanding Receipts and Customer Credit Notes. Click to select the transaction you want to knock off.



5. The second table (bottom) shows all outstanding Invoices and Customer Debit Notes. Under the ‘Match’ column, tick the checkbox for the transaction to be matched.



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