Problem Scenario:


In QNE system, transactions that has already been knocked off, cannot be deleted or modified. A message box will prompt the user:

Transactions matched to OR, Credit Note, etc. and all transactions transferred to other form, e.g. Delivery Order to Sales Invoice, will be blocked by the system for any alteration.



Solution 1

  • You need to know the OR number matched to the invoice by generating reports like Transaction Knock-Off Listing, Customer Ledger Reports, etc.
  • For Supplier, you need to know the Payment Voucher number matched to the Bill Entry by generating reports like Transaction Knock-Off Listing, Supplier Ledger Reports, etc.
  • Unmatch the Receive Payment to the Sales Invoice (or Pay Bills to the Bill Entry)
  • You can now then edit/modify the Sales Invoice or Bill Entry then Save
  • Go back to Receive Payment or Pay Bills and match it back then Save.

Solution 2

Go to File > System Options > General tab

Enable the option below, click Apply, then click Save

Note: Before doing so, please ask permission from ADMIN to avoid anomalies and conflicts within the system.