How To Fix Unable To Locate Server Error

Modified on Fri, May 31, 2019 at 10:59 PM

Problem Scenario:


There are cases that the workstation is disconnected in the network and after reconnecting, the workstation prompts that the server was unable to be located. In these cases, we need to double check:

  1. Network IP Address
  2. If workstation can access the server’s shared folders.


1. If the server's IP Address in the workstation is but the server has an IP Address:, please consider the following:

a. Change the assigned QSS Listen IP to, click Save Changes then restart QnE Service

b. From the Open Database screen/window, change the QNE Service IP Address: then click on the Apply Change button to take effect.

If correct, the system will prompt you this:

c. Modify the database path from \\\D\QnE_DB\MyCompany.fdb to \\\D\QnE_DB\MyCompany.fdb. From the Open Database screen/window, click on the Edit button to allow you to provide the correct path then Save.

2. Check if the workstation can access the server’s shared folder through File Explorer

Go to File Explorer and try to access your Server over the network

If server is not in the list, try to access using the address bar.

You may encounter such errors like…

Try to check Windows Credentials if the Server’s Credentials is saved in the workstation. If none, add your server’s credentials

After successfully saving, the Credential will be added in the list.

After then, return to your QnE, relocate the Server file through File Explorer

After clicking Save, QnE will now proceed you may now log in and use your database successfully.

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