Problem Scenario:

After Windows Update, you may not be able to see Firebird in the list of Programs installed. Programs get removed due to compatibility and security problems. Windows might remove it during the update to keep everything run smoothly.

If Firebird Server was removed, below error will prompt:


Re-installation of Firebird or Re-installation of QNE System.



QnE Security:

Step 1 - Reinstall Firebird Setup

Upon downloading the downloadable link, right click and run as administrator the ‘FBSetup.exe’.

Setup – Firebird Database Server 1.5 window will prompt. Click ‘Next’. Tick ‘I accept the agreement’, then just Next

Retain all ticked setup, then Next

Untick “Install Control Panel Applet”, then Next

Step 2 – Install QNE Security

Click Next > Install > Then click ‘OK’ after the installation