In System, there is a feature where Stock Code can be generated by stock category, stock group, and stock class based on the preference of the user.

Stock code as a unique id of the Stock items.

How to Generate Stock Code.

To set it up, go to Stocks Module > Stock Items

Leave the Stock Code field blank for the auto-generated code.


Stock name: Sample Stock

Category: AV

Group: SW

Class: B

To be able to generate a code based on the three choices below, go to Edit > Generate Stock Code.

Once Stock Code has been clicked, the Stock code will be generated with the standard format:  A-000

A: an alphanumeric character will be copied from the category, group, or class.

0..0: auto-generated number (e.g. 000, the last number will be 999)

Figure 1 – Stock Code by Category

Figure 2 – Stock Code by Group

Figure 3 – Stock Code by Class

The stock code standard format can also be changed, go to Maintenance> System Options> Stocks

Sample edited stock code format:

Figure 4 – Stock Code Format adjusted from A-000 to A-000-000

Figure 5 – Stock Code generated for the Stock Items Form