How to Ping the Server

Modified on Mon, 06 Jun 2022 at 02:35 PM

How to Ping the Server

Ping is a Command Prompt command and is used to test the connection between one computer and another (e.g. Workstation and the Server).


1. First, you will have to know the IP Address of the Server. In the Server Computer, search for cmd and click Command Prompt on the search results to open it.


2. In the command prompt window, type ipconfig and press Enter. The IPv4 Address is the IP Address of the Server Computer and note it down.


3. In the Workstation Computer, open the Command Prompt window (same procedure in step #1). To ping the Server, follow the ping syntax below.


Syntax: ping<space>Server’s IP Address

Example: ping (then press Enter)


Make sure that it’s pinging the correct IP Address as well as the replying IP Address. It will display 0% packet loss if the connection to the Server is working okay.


If the ping results show packet loss other than 0%, it means no connection or the connection is not stable. In this case, you will have to raise this issue to your company’s IT. 


For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link

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