How to allow users to change the unit price in transactions


Fixed unit price of an item can be set in Stock Maintenance. Users can be restricted or allowed to change the unit price when creating Sales and/or Purchase transactions.



There is a sudden change in pricing and users need to update the item price in the transaction.




1. Go to ‘Maintenance’ > ‘User Roles’ > Double click the ‘Role’ that the user(s) belong to (e.g. Sales)



Note: Access rights/permissions are defined per Role. All users under a particular Role will have the same access.

2. Go to ‘Transactions’ tab > ‘Change Unit Price’ tab > Tick the checkboxes of the corresponding transactions to be allowed (You may use the Filter box to easily display the transactions per module)


3. Click ‘Save and Close’ > Click ‘No’ on the prompt



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link