How to Remove the ‘Clear Transactions’ Button



The Clear Transactions button is used for permanently deleting all recorded transactions in the database. The Clear Transactions button is only accessible by users with Administrative Access (full access). It is vital to ensure that you only grant Administrative Access to your designated QNE System Administrator(s).




1. Go to Maintenance > User Roles.

2. In the sample image below, there are two System Roles with Administrative Access, namely the Administrator Role and Sales Role. To remove the Administrative Access from the Sales Role, for example, double-click the Role.

3. Untick the Administrative checkbox, click Save and Close, and click No on the Alert prompt.



Note: Ticking the Administrative checkbox grants Full Access automatically and it overrides all access rights/permissions you have manually defined.



Administrative - Clear Transactions button is available

Non-administrative - Clear Transactions button is not available





For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link