How To Setup Access Rights in QnE Optimum

Modified on Mon, 06 Jun 2022 at 03:43 PM


To setup access rights for system users, an admin user must maintain User Roles for each Security System Users maintained in the system. To do so, go to maintenance > User Roles

Currently, the system has 5 predefined roles and admin user may also add more depending on the company’s requirement. Just click the New button on the upper left corner.

Note: For this technical procedure, the ‘Default’ role will be used and access right in ‘Invoices’ transactional form will only be shown.


To open the Data Objects per User Role, double-click the Role where the admin will give permissions to the users. 

From this window, to give access to ‘Invoices’ transactional form to user, search in ‘Business Object’ column

Tick the preferred access settings for the user such as the user has all the accesses except deletion.

Once done, click Save or Save and Close. On user side, relog in in the system.

Notice now the changes after giving permission to the user. Some fields are labeled “Protected Content”. This is due to this transactional form has pre-requisite access rights such as Customer, GL Account codes, WTax Codes, etc. 

To give accesses to these fields, go back to User Roles maintenance. To give permission to each object, search each data object in Data Objects column (Basic access can be given thru ‘Navigate’ and ‘Read’).




Once done, click Save or Save and Close. On user side, relog in in the system. Notice that the Invoices form has no “Protected Content” anymore but there will be additional objects given access to the user. This is due to being a pre-requisite accesses needed in transactional forms.

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