How to use Sort By in Report Designer

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How to use Sort By in Report Designer


Sorting is used to arrange the data alphabetically or numerical order.


To use this function in Report Designer, it is necessary to select a particular report/form where sorting will be applied. The said function will only be applied on formats that the user customized.




Sales Invoice is created and as per below Preview, the user wanted to sort the Stock Code in Alphabetical Order.


1. On the Form Design, select the format to use for the sorting then click Amend.


2. There are two ways to configure the sorting;


     Option 1: Via Detail Band

2.1.1. Go to Details Band, click the small arrow for the Detail Tasks to display. Under Sort Fields, click the triple (…) dot button.

2.1.2. Under Behavior, set the Field Name and Sort Order, then click OK.

Field Name – Field to Sort

Sort Order – None/Ascending/Descending


Add is use if there will be more than one sorting field to apply while Remove is use if there is an existing Sorting that you wanted delete.

Option 2: Via Group and Sort Window

2.2.1. Click the Group and Sort in the lower left portion of the Report Designer.

2.2.2. Click the Add a Sort and in the Field Name, select the field for the sorting reference and define the Sort Order. If there is an existing setup, you may edit the Field selected and Sort Order.




Multiple Fields can be sorted, just click the Add a Sort to add another level.










3. Once done, click the Save icon.





Upon Preview of customized Sales Invoice, Stock Code is sorted ascendingly.




This is also applicable to Report Formats but customization may only be available to those packages with Report Suite (Design button is visible on Reports).



For further concerns regarding this matter, please contact support to assist you or create ticket thru this link

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